About Me

Hi. I’m Cari. I have a passion for cooking that transcends the kitchen. I spent years in the health care industry as an RN and became quite frustrated at seeing the patients I cared for becoming sicker at younger ages. This was most often due to poor food and lifestyle choices that had occurred decades earlier in their lives. I felt I had no impact and could only react to what couldn’t be fixed any longer. That frustration led me to make a major life change by switching careers.

I became a Chef in 2005 and opened my own Personal Chef and Catering business. I primarily focused on providing healthy and flavorful home cooked meals to busy families. I would cook for them once or twice monthly and they were provided with ten balanced meals to eat at their convenience. My clients not only saved time and money, but hopefully I made a lasting impact on their overall health by freeing them from fast food or oversized restaurant portions. As a caterer, my niche involved those that were more interested in healthy, flavorful food that had a tremendous visual impact and personalized service rather than cookie cutter menus and ‘take a number’ service.

You see, I never left the health care industry, I just became proactive rather than reactive in the care I provided.

I closed that business in 2011 due to changes in my own family. But my passion remained…

My blog and this website, Cooking with Cari, is the next logical evolution in my desire to help others eat well and live long, healthy lives. I am indundated with questions about how to cook, what to cook, and what to do in the kitchen by those who know me. I will do my very best to provide useful and practical cooking and kitchen answers here.

Cooking shouldn’t be a chore, it should be an adventure. Some like a little adventure. Some like a lot. I hope to cater to both!

Thanks for stopping by and please let me know you were here. I would love to hear from you!



Happy Cooking!