I had a hard time putting this book down! I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a story that looks at people's lives. It is not a typical romance story even though there is love expressed throughout the book--love between husbands and wives, between friends, and within families.

Happy Gator

A good God doesn’t shatter your world, does He? God let Faith down. One experience left her shattered and running. You will walk through infidelity, infertility, parenting, life, and death. Find truth and faith here. You will never be the same.

When a heart stops beating, how do you keep breathing?

Run, run, run… Run away.

That’s what Faith Strauss has done for twenty years. She was destroyed by one tragic event. An event so horrific, she didn’t share it with anyone, not even her husband. She buried it deep inside, where it can’t hurt anyone.

If God is good, then where was He? Why didn’t He stop it? How can she have a relationship with Him ever again?

Run, run, run…

She’s not good enough. Never has been. Never will be. She could lose it all again, if she’s not careful. She married, had children, and carved out a life for herself. But Fear is her ever-present companion, always reminding her never to reach too far, or too high.

Run, run, run…

God has another plan. A plan that she never saw, even though she has walked it her entire life. Will the unexpected exposure of her secret and the truth behind it restore her or destroy her all over again?

It’s time to stop running.