If you enjoyed the television series “Army Wives,” you’ll enjoy this story of adjusting, surviving and even thriving in the challenging world of a military wife and mother.

Jacquelyn Lynn

Reality has a nasty way of crashing in on your dreams, especially when your husband is in the military. The more years they put behind them, the more responsibility gets heaped on them in Rick’s ambition to reach the top of the military heap.


Tanks roll across the Iraqi desert. Deployments abound in the era of the Peacekeeper.

When Heather married Rick, she was innocent about how much the uniform would permeate every aspect of her life and burgeoning family. She had no idea how much his commitment would require of her. Watching the evening news is a chilling experience. Children forget who Daddy is when he’s halfway around the world.

Can their marriage survive the strain, or will it shatter?

Join Heather and Rick in this second installment of the trilogy as they continue the journey in a new world. Orders received and orders cancelled, old friends leave and new friends arrive, some take their last breath while others take their first. Are you ready?