I enjoyed the book very much with its ups and downs and realistic views of life. For any wife who’s husband is in the military, this is a must read.



Trials and triumph unite in this page-turning final installment of The Yellow Ribbon Chronicles. In the aftermath of war, can Rick and Heather’s love survive? Experience the real post-9/11 world through the eyes, and heart, of a military spouse.


The time has come for even more sacrifices.

Rick and Heather endure the emotional aftershocks of separation, loss, illness, and questions of infidelity as they come to grips with the sobering new reality of military life in a post-9/11 world. War is everywhere, and sometimes the worst battles rage silently in the cracks of our relationships. Who will win, and what will be lost?

Heather, lonely and hurting, questions the future and her role as a military wife. Seeking strength and support from others provides comfort, but carries its own danger when lines get crossed. Everyone Rick and Heather care about is caught in the middle. Trials and triumph unite in this page-turning final installment of their journey. In the aftermath of war, can their love survive?

What a wonderful way to end a series of books! Cari Schaeffer not only did a super job of being continuous with the first two books, but kept me curious to find out more in the lives of Rick and Heather to the very end. I cried and laughed throughout the book (and whole series) and smiled and my heart was filled as I finished the last page. Magnificent!!!

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