This story touched every emotion on so many levels. I literally had tears sliding down my face at several points, a bit embarrassing while sitting in a doctor's waiting room!

Carolyn Mers

When Heather, a naïve young bride, married Rick, an ambitious Air Force airman, she assumed they’ll live happily ever after. But being a military spouse is jarring – the long separations, deployments, unpredictable hours, and the importance of rank. Heather had no idea how much their relationship would be tested. Will their love endure?


The life of a military spouse is tough for Heather. The long separations, deployments,unpredictable hours, military housing and the regulations, the rank structure and how it permeates every aspect of their life together. The list of challenges is long.

Heather had no idea when she married Rick just how much she would be tested, or how their relationship would be stretched. Will they endure, or will they snap?

Sacrifice, service, heartache, loneliness, strength, and tears. This is the cost of entry into this unique band of individuals. Not everyone is up to the task.

Join Heather and Rick in this first installment of the trilogy as they embark on this journey together. Meet some of the unique characters and see some interesting places from the amazing, and often overwhelming, perspective of a Military Spouse.