"The author took me on a journey, in Revelations Book 3, that I never would have gone on my own. I was held in suspense all along with the action packed escapes, shifting, and challenges of the Wolff family while not knowing how the adventure would end until the final chapters. Wonderful way to end a trilogy!"

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The Wolff family was almost killed. Their home is destroyed. They are bombarded by the local authorities with questions that don’t have answers. Their lives are turned upside down.

A strange nocturnal visitor warns them to leave now or stay and be ruined. As the family treks across the country for a new beginning, they remain baffled by worldwide events that point to something larger and more sinister than they ever could have imagined.

Dark secrets come to light amid global chaos.

Will Kat and Christopher’s love, and her family, survive the ultimate battle for all humanity?

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