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I’ve just published my first novel! Please check it out on Amazon (print and ebook) as well as Barnes and Noble (ebook). It’s titled “Faith, Hope, Love, and Chocolate”. I even share some wonderful recipes in the back of the book, all centered around chocolate.

Hi! How are you and how was your day? You will find the good, the bad, and the ugly here. We are going to have real conversations about our lives. I will share my struggles and my triumphs with you and hope you’ll do the same.

What went RIGHT for you today?

It’s so common to respond “Oh, I’m busy” when someone asks you how you’re doing.

Don’t be busy, be fruitful.

I hope to make this site a positive experience, even if I’m an audience of one (me). I will allow no profanity or personal attacks; there’s enough out there, we don’t need it in here. As a subscriber/viewer/reader of my site, I consider you my friend and perhaps one day we can sit around a table with some great food and share great conversation together!

Who’s coming for dinner? Read my blog post about why the earth is too small for private dinner parties. I would love to hear your thoughts about it.

Please note that although I have always been familiar and comfortable in the kitchen, I am still learning my way around this site. Be patient and let me know when you encounter any issues. I would really appreciate it!

Remember…friends don’t let friends eat fast food, frozen appetizers, processed box dinners, or raw grocery store veggie trays.